Employer FAQs

There are a lot of questions that come up during the employee hiring process. We’ve compiled some of the most common staffing questions and answers here to help ease the process.

Q. What kind of services does New Hire Solutions offer?

A: We provide staffing and payroll services to client businesses of all sizes across South Georgia. We source full time, part time, temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire staffing services candidates.

Q: What are the benefits of doing business with an American Staffing Association member?

A: ASA members pledge to adhere to a code of ethics and best practices—most of which deal with employee relations. Moreover, because ASA promotes legal, ethical, and professional practices for the staffing industry, its members are kept abreast of the latest developments in labor and employment laws and human resource best practices. One of the principal missions of the association is to encourage high standards of ethical conduct in dealings with employees, clients, and competitors.

Q: What Safety Value does New Hire Solutions provide to me and my company?

A: New Hire Solutions measures the value of our service in part by our ability to provide quality employees that generate an ROI with safety conscious performance. By working together all employees will be properly vetted and orientated on the appropriate safety requirements. Our commitment to creating safety partnerships with our clients not only reduces injuries but assures OSHA compliance. Our in-house Risk Manager can assist you in developing, implementing and enforcing effective safety policies.

Q: What do you charge for staffing and payroll services?

A: Rates are determined by each client’s unique staffing requirements, expectations and factors such as proper Workers Compensation classification, safety record and costs associated with labor force management. Our team members are experts in discovering your needs and business objectives which will assist you in defining the right investment for your staffing needs.

Q: What is the average response time a client can expect when requesting an employee?

A: The average time to find that right person can vary greatly depending on a number of factors including required skill levels, education and certifications needed, location, pay rate requirements, among other factors. Depending on the position you have open, New Hire Solutions can fill same day requests as well as provide resumes and schedule interviews for positions that require a more thorough screening process by the client. We assure you that every candidate presented will be pre-qualified in regards to experience, skill-sets and availability.

Q: Why should I use staffing services instead of filling the position on my own?

A: Staffing agencies provide invaluble services to small, medium, and large companies. Our team of recruiters and placement specialists constantly work for you sourcing, screening and presenting qualified candidates. This is what we do every day, which gives us the edge in finding those employees who will do the job for you. Our job is to recruit for you while you maintain production, increase profits, retain and develop staff and take care of your customer needs. Another important factor when choosing to use a staffing agency is risk transfer. The exposure to compliance claims in the areas of screening, hiring and testing are very real as well as the long-term effect on unemployment rates and Workers Comp Insurance when you hire the wrong employee. By utilizing a staffing provider like New Hire Solutions you allow us to help mitigate those risks.

Q: I have a current supplier not providing adequate service, how do I change and how painful is it?

A: The thought of changing providers can be a complicated and taxing or laborious task but we are highly experienced in managing complete transitions. We understand that everyone is depending on you for answers and your profit margin can’t take another setback. Our team has the ability to come to your site to take care of all necessary paperwork, drug screening, and background checks required to make the transfer as efficient as possible.

Q: How is New Hire Solutions different from any other staffing agency?

A: Being a local staffing provider without a huge corporate network, we are able to make decisions and get answers fast. New Hire Solutions takes a genuine interest in learning about your organization and what you are looking for in your future employees. We work diligently to make sure we successfully fulfill your staffing needs, and follow through with our commitments with honesty and integrity. With contracts as short as 30 days with no roll-over fees, we've tailored our services to accommodate the needs of YOUR business.

Q: Do you staff only temporary employees?

A: Not at all! In addition to temporary employees, we provide full time, part time and temp-to-permanent positions as well. We also source direct-hire candidates.

Q: How do you vet your candidates?

A: Before presenting any candidates to our clients, we meet with each candidate to get in-depth knowledge of what type(s) of jobs he or she is hoping to find. We learn about our candidate’s work history, skill sets, and requirements in a position. After our initial meeting, we conduct basic skills testing, check references, and verify past employment. If your company has specific pre-employment testing needing, we can accommodate those tests as well. We are also a certified drug-free workplace ensuring that the applicants you hire are ready to work.

Q: Do we have to use your firm exclusively?

A: You are not required to work exclusively with New Hire Solutions. However, once you work with us and see the New Hire Solutions advantage, you won’t want to work with another staffing firm.

Q: Where do you get your pool of candidates?

A: We are continually recruiting high-quality applicants. From word-of-mouth referrals to online job search platforms to large scale job fairs, we are always recruiting for your current and future employment needs. Our Business & Talent Coordinator is always online and in the community meeting job seekers and promoting your available position! This allows us to fill your job need quickly with high quality applicants.

Q: Who pays the employees?

A: In our traditional staffing model, New Hire Solutions is the employer of record and pays the employees. We are reimbursed for wages, taxes, and our processing fee in one easy to read invoice to the client. If we place a candidate in a direct-hire role, the client company is responsible for paying the candidate.

Q: What do we do if we have an issue with an employees?

A: We encourage our clients to reach out to us whenever there is an issue with one of our employees. In fact, we encourage an open line of communication with our clients to make sure our employees are performing as expected, and we work with you to resolve any issues immediately. However, if the issue cannot be resolved and the employee is just not a good fit, you can either call us to contact the employee and terminate the assignment or the client company can address the employee and communicate it to us.

Q: Is there a defined time limit for temporary employees?

A: There is no time limit for candidates placed in temporary roles. If you find your short-term opening is turning into a long-term need (or vice versa), we will lengthen or shorten our candidate’s commitment to your organization. In the majority of our contracts, we ask that you keep employees on our payroll for 30 working days before converting them to your permanent payroll.

Q: What kind of jobs do you place?

A: At any given time our open positions cover a wide spectrum of industries. From general labor positions to sales managers and journeymen electricians, we are capable of filling a broad range of positions. Our specialties include light industrial production workers, CDL drivers, and workers with skilled trades, as well as accounting positions, healthcare professionals, and administrative positions.

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