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Celebrating 15 years - New Hire Solutions

We turned 15 in 2020! It’s a big accomplishment in the life of our business
and we couldn’t be more excited about this milestone in our company.

Our year to celebrate hasn’t turned out exactly how we expected. We had quite a few community parties planned that we were going to invite everyone to and it was going to be pretty awesome. However, just like the rest of the world, our plans changed- not just our celebration plans, but virtually all of our daily processes just to accommodate the “new normal” we’re in. Through this evaluation process we’ve been able to step back and take stock of what is really important. We’ve refocused even more on not only our business but our employees , the businesses which we serve, and our communities.

Placing applicants in careers where they can be a success and strengthening businesses with hardworking, quality employees has been our daily goal since the beginning. Nonetheless, the impact that COVID-19 continues to have on our communities has only served to strengthen our resolve to work harder and to see to it that we do our part to build our communities stronger than before.

So, thank you for the past 15 years! And though we are not blind to the struggles that are ahead of us, it is has been a community-focused mindset and a grateful heart that gotten us through the last 15 years. It is that same spirit that will get all of us through the next 15 and because of that our future has never been brighter.

Thank you for 15 years!

15 years of staffing excellence by the numbers!

14+ Million

hours worked

391 Thousand

paychecks printed

18 Thousand

people employed

23 Counties

served in South Georgia

20 Local School Partnerships

providing employment training to the next generation