Service is a central part of our business and we work diligently to provide our customers with the best experiences possible. To better aid our placements staff in their search for the best candidates for your position, we have now hired a full-time outside recruiter. Let us introduce to you, Chandler Foy.

Chandler’s primary focus is conducting job fairs around Georgia to further develop our relationship with schools, businesses, and potential applicants. She also be assists with direct hire positions. Direct hire positions are typically for highly-skilled individuals that client companies want to hire directly onto their own payroll. Chandler is continually recruiting at colleges, technical schools, and high schools.

Chandler also helps expand our high school partnerships to include middle schools. Through these partnerships, we work with teachers to enhance the students’ understanding of the importance of employability skills and to better prepare them for the workforce. Our goal for these initiatives is to recruit for the positions we have available today as well as those in the future years.