Brittany Martin HeadshotBrittany Martin

"Being a part of TeamNHS means there is always a level of professionalism that sets our company above the rest. Our applicants and clients are some of the best in the Southeast."

Brittany Martin grew up all over the South East due to being a military kid, however, she made her own roots in Thomasville when her husband’s career brought them here. She began researching staffing agencies in the area to assist in her search for a new career when she stumbled upon and read great reviews for New Hire Solutions. An internal position was made available and she drove 3 hours from her pervious home just to interview, and began shortly after as a receptionist. Since then, she has blossomed into an accomplished recruiter who handles applicant and client relations for the clerical department. As she moves forward in her career, she hopes to continue her education and eventually take her skills to be a successful multifaceted entrepreneur on the side.

She currently lives in Thomasville, Georgia as a wife, mom, and animal-mom to a black cat named Boo, a wild and recently acquired pound puppy named Juno, and a Beta fish named Zeppelin. In her personal life, she has recently reignited a lifelong love of running after taking a two-year break. Slowly but surely, she has beat her personal record by running seven miles nonstop. Brittany has a love for music, so strong that you will rarely find a moment she is without a song playing. On a Saturday, you can find her either along the coast, on a hiking trail with her daughter, or biking and walking around Thomasville.

She believes that you should always show up with your best foot forward, be transparent yet professional, and that you should never underestimate yourself.