Employee / Applicant FAQ

Still have questions? You’re in the right place!

How much does it cost me to get a job?

Applicants are not charged for job placement.

What types of jobs do we hire for?

New Hire Solutions hires for all types of jobs from basic labor to clerical as well as specialized skills and positions requiring a college degree.

What jobs do you have available?

Jobs vary day to day and sometime week to week.

How long will it take for me to get a job?

There is no exact time frame for finding the right job. It will vary based on work history and skill as well as positions open to fill at that time.

What email do I send my resume to?

Resumes can be emailed to resumes@newhiresolutions.net. However, you will still need to complete an application and interview with someone in our placements department before we can send you to work.

How often do I need to call in?

If you have worked through us before, you must check in every day. If you have completed an application and are trying to find a job, you can check weekly.

Can someone else call in for me?

NO! It is your responsibility to call in.

When can I come in to speak to a placement specialist?

Placement Specialists are in the office Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. You do not have to make an appointment.

When would I need to update my application with you?

It is important to make sure your application stays updated. If your work history, phone number or address changes, you will need to make sure at all times your information is updated.

What do I need to bring if I was called to come in to be processed?

You will need to bring two forms of ID. Also be prepared to complete and pass a pre-employment drug screen.

Can I have (company’s name) phone number?

We cannot release information regarding our client companies. If you have specific questions, we can assist with answering them.

How do I get paid?

Depending on the client company you are working for, checks will either be picked up from our offices, direct deposited into your account, mailed to your address on file, or delivered to the client company.

What do I do when my paycheck is not ready?

There is no guarantee as to a specific time your payroll check will be ready. We process checks as quickly as possible. If you would like to know if your check is ready before coming to our office, you can call ahead of time.

How can I authorize someone to pick up my check?

You are allowed to designate someone to pick up your check on the back of our application.

If I feel like my pay check does not have all my hours what do I need to do to have it fixed?

You will need to contact your supervisor or Human Resources department at the client company you are working for and they will have to submit any changes to New Hire Solutions.

When can I get direct deposit?

All employees are eligible to enroll in direct deposit. However, if direct deposit is cancelled after enrolling, there will be a $10 administrative fee for cancellation.

Why is child support being taken out of my check?

Child support is deducted from your payroll check when New Hire Solutions receives a deduction order from the state. This deduction is mandatory and we cannot reduce the amount of the deduction. If you have specific questions regarding your child support withholding order, you will have to contact the state in which the order was issued.

What do I need to do if I can’t report to work?

NHS has a 24 hour voicemail if we are not open. It is important that you call in before your shift is to start and let us know why you are not going to make it and we will notify the client company.

How do I request a separation notice?

You can call or stop by the office to request separation notices. We will need to know the name of the client company you were working for, when your last day was, and why you are no longer working.

Who and when do I contact if I get injured?

You must contact Jason McLean at New Hire Solutions as soon as the injury occurs.